Conveyor Components

Thejo are renowned as suppliers of high-quality Conveyor Components and Wear and Corrosion Lining Materials.

  • Conveyor Belt (Fabric, Steel Cord and PVC)
  • Splice Kits (Steel Cord & Fabric)
  • Belt Winders & Brake Stands – Electric and/or Hydraulic
  • Vulcanisers – Knockdown, 2 Piece and Spot Press
  • Wear & Corrosion Rubbers – Cured & Uncured
  • Adhesives for Hot & Cold Applications
  • Primers
  • Pulley Lagging – Ceramic (Hot/Cold Vulcanised), Rubber & Poly)
  • Ceramic Wear Panels
  • Polyurethane Belt Covers
  • Polyurethane Products (Skirting & Bolt Caps)
  • Sheet Rubber Products (Skirting, Insertion and Capping Rubbers)
  • Impact Beds & Bars
  • Belt Wash Stations
  • Surtrack Tracking Systems
  • Spillage Control Skirting Systems
  • Conveyor Belt Lifters Rated / Engineered Belt Clamps.
  • Conveyor Belt Pulling Plates
  • Conveyor Belt Repair Materials (Hot & Cold)
  • Belt Cleaners (Primary, Secondary and V-Plows)

All of Thejo’s products comply with the appropriate Australian Standards requirements.

Thejo Australia Conveyor components

About us

From its inception in 2012, Thejo Australia Pty Ltd., has grown today into a pioneer in belt splicing and pulley lagging, rubber lining, manufacture & supply of splice kits, manufacture & supply of splicing/ pulley lagging products, supply of conveyor products and supply of belt maintenance equipment.
Thejo Australia


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