Code of Conduct Policy

Thejo Australia Pty Ltd has a Code of Conduct which explains how we:

  1. Do business
  2. Work together
  3. Engage with our community and other stakeholders

At Thejo Australia, the basis for our Code of Conduct is a simple one: Do the right thing.

Our business has been built upon the values of honesty, integrity and quality relationships with our associates, customers, suppliers, vendors, shareholders, and our community.

Relationships require a strong foundation of mutual trust and understanding that is nurtured day after day. That trust is earned, not just by following the letter of the law, but also by striving to “do the right thing”.

Our Code of Conduct is based on these values and contains the fundamental principles of how we expect to conduct business. It makes clear that all associates are expected to understand and appreciate the ethical considerations of their decisions and reaffirms our long-standing commitment to a culture of corporate and individual accountability and responsibility.

From a business perspective, doing the right thing means following our company policies and procedures, speaking up, getting advice, and complying with the law. There is no way to provide rules of conduct that will apply to every possible situation. For situations not specifically included in this Code, or in our policies and procedures, we still expect that Thejo Australia and our associates will act appropriately at all times.

Remember that all of us are responsible for being familiar with all the policies and rules that apply to our job duties. Any questions that you may have should be raised with your Supervisor or Manager.

All business stakeholders should come forward if they have any concerns regarding any breach of this Policy and should do so without any fear of reprisal or repercussion.

Non-compliance with this Policy may result in disciplinary action which could include termination of employment.

About us

From its inception in 2012, Thejo Australia Pty Ltd., has grown today into a pioneer in belt splicing and pulley lagging, rubber lining, manufacture & supply of splice kits, manufacture & supply of splicing/ pulley lagging products, supply of conveyor products and supply of belt maintenance equipment.
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