Rhino Bulk Flow Chutes are designed with advanced 3D modelling software and then simulated with Advanced Discrete Element Method Modelling (ADEM) with respect to the actual duty conditions. Design is optimized based on the simulation and then compare with the site conditions to arrive at the desired results.

Thejo offers, acid-alkali and non abrasive special fabric and wire reinforced rubber hoses suitable for Pressurised or Vacuum services.

The features of Thejo’s Hoses:

  • Designed to withstand high concentrated acid alkali chemicals, non-abrasive and normal to high temperature resistance up to 120 deg.c duty conditions by providing suitable inner rubber cover with rubber polymers such as Chloro Butyl, Bromo Butyl, Hypalon,Nitrile Neoprene as well in Natural based rubber compounds.
  • Proven construction design for normal to extremely high pressure rating up to 32kg/sq.cm for the larger dia hoses by providing suitable fabric and steel wire reinforcements.
  • Hoses have improved resistance towards UV radiation and therefore less problems with cracks.
  • Hoses are designed with very good bend characteristics.
Rubber Hoses

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From its inception in 2012, Thejo Australia Pty Ltd., has grown today into a pioneer in belt splicing and pulley lagging, rubber lining, manufacture & supply of splice kits, manufacture & supply of splicing/ pulley lagging products, supply of conveyor products and supply of belt maintenance equipment.
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